Online Presentation Number Two

The 2nd presentation will be on Monday April 6th at 3pm which will last for around 40 minutes.

The topic for the presentation will be:

Caravaggio – Rome’s Artistic Stormtrooper of the Counter Reformation.

This will be hosted and delivered by Chris Merchant.

The meeting will be held again at 4pm, for anyone who has difficulties logging on, or could not make the 3pm meeting.

To connect to the meeting you will need to either click on the link provided or copy and paste the link into your internet browser.

Meeting ID: 315 275 347
Password: 033825

Meeting ID: 607 504 853
Password: 031333

When you first log onto Zoom it will ask permission to install an application to your device, once downloaded it will request that you start the application.
The above step will not be required again once the application is installed.

When you log into a meeting it will perform a test on your microphone and speaker before allowing access.

The suggestion is that whoever wishes to participate uses the link 5 – 10 mins before the meeting to give time for the application to be installed and to go through the speaker check etc.

People can join or leave the meeting at any time.

Please note the following:
The meeting is set up to disable (mute) everyone’s microphone so you will be able to hear the speaker, but no one can hear you.
The meeting is set up to disable everyone’s camera so you will be able to see and hear the presentation, but none can see you.

The meeting can be joined via laptop, tablet or phone.