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Group Name Date Venue Details/Time
Art Appreciation  Tuesday 19th November. Seaham Town Hall 10:00 am.
Board Games Wednesday 23rd October Seaham Town Hall 11am – 1pm.
Book Club Friday 18th October. Seaham Library. 1:00 pm.


“Copy Cat” by Alex Lake. A nail biting psychological thriller!

Canasta Every Friday Stanley Street church hall.

For the 27th and 4th Oct only then usual venue at Seaham Golf Course.
2:00 pm.
Coffee Morning Wednesday 13th November. Seaham Town Hall. Drop in…

10:00 – 12:00 noon.

Crochet Group Monday 21st October. Seaham Town Hall 2:00 pm.
Film Club Thursday 24th October. Seaham Town Hall. 2:00 pm for a 2:30 start.


To End All Wars.

French Conversation. Every Wednesday. Group Leaders Home 6:00 pm.
Gardening Closed until Spring
Seaham Town Hall.  10:00 am
Italian Conversation Every

( group full )
Group leaders home. 7:00 pm.
Knicky Knack Knitters Wednesday 13th November.  Roobarb n’ Custard.  2:00 pm.
Litter Picking Monday 28th
 Sure start building. 9:30 am.
Local History Monday 4th November Seaham Town Hall.

Sunderland on the road to Passchendaele

2:00 pm.

Luncheon Club Monday 11th November TBA 12:30 pm.
Mahjong Tues 22nd Oct. Seaham Golf Club. 2:00 pm.
Patchwork & Embroidery Tues 22nd Oct.

Seaton Community Centre.

10:00 am.
Photography Friday 8th November.  Seaham Town Hall.  10:00 am.
Red Hatters Friday 25th October Roobarb and Custard.  11.30 am.
Singing for Pleasure Every Monday Night Stanley Street Methodists Church. 6:00 pm.
Social Outing  Tuesday 12th November. Seaham Town Hall. 12.00 noon.
Strollers Tues 22nd Oct. Tommy. 2:00 pm.
Walking Club Thursday 7th November. TBA 9:15 for a 9:30 start
Wine Appreciation Thursday 21st November Seaham Bridge Club. 6:00 pm.