Changes to History Group Visit to Ushaw College

I have been in contact with Ushaw College to arrange a visit for Wednesday the 13th June 2018.

Unfortunately the guide tours have been suspended during the Flower Festival.

However, they are offering to convert the day pass ticket (£5) to an annual pass so that we could go again for a guided tour.

Over 30 talented Flower Arranging Groups are coming together to show off their talents and to enhance the amazing spaces and stunning architecture of Ushaw.  Why not bring a group and take afternoon tea at the same time. Day passes are £5 per person but this will then entitle you to free admission to Ushaw for the next twelve months

The suggested arrangement are as follows:

Venue: Ushaw College –

Date: Wednesday 13th June 2018

Suggested time to meet at Ushaw:           13:00 pm

Group Size:         any number.

Tour Cost:  £5

Transport: To be agreed

If anyone is interested and can not make the General Meeting, then please get in touch and I will add your name to the list.