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Striders Shotton to Pittington Walk October 13th

It was quite chilly when we set off from Shotton, the railway track was a bit muddy in places. When we got to Haswell, Barrie revealed that he was the living embodiment of Dr Doolittle as he was followed by a lovely little black and white filly. She had escaped her tether and fell in love with Barrie and  refused to be shooed back to her dam.   Luckily as we were getting close to the road, the resident came belting out of her house and chased the foal back, we took advantage of this and we ran away. 

About 10 minutes later we were walking down a farm track where the farmer was moving some sheep, one suddenly barrelled towards us. We split like the Red Sea as this rather chunky sheep shot past. 

We had just passed Hetton le Hill when we stopped and chatted with a farmer, he had stopped ploughing his field in order  to get a cage to put over a sink hole that had just opened up. He then has to inform the NCB.  He warned us about these sinkholes that can be hundreds of feet deep.  We were in the Cobbler Hill area and  we were just a little bit cautious from thence!! 

From the top of Pittington Hill Barrie reveals his misspent youth as he points out and names every single pub in the locality. We got to the Hallgarth Hotel and here Paul had to leave us as he had a long drive to The West Country early the next day.

 Fortified by tea and sandwiches we made it back to our cars.

Sue Bartlett.

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Monday 15th November

8-9 miles circular walk From the Mallard to Hatton Pond and back

Start 9 :00 leave 9:05 About 3 hours

Led by Steph Collings