The Striders Inaugural Walk

The Inaugural walk of the Striders. Horden to Crimdon.

 It was warm when we set off from Horden just after 10. The happy band was made up of Carol, Paul, Sue and Steph. Hopes were high that we would see some dolphins. They had previously been see playing along the coast (obviously)from Seaham to Crimdon, so spirits were high. The walk along the coastal route is undulating to say the least! There were some gorgeous wild flower meadows. We all reminisced about the Cadbury Flake advert eons ago. Then who should be walking towards us but a lovely young lady with long flowing hair, it was almost like we had magicked her up . No sightings of the dolphins, lots of gulls floating about.

On the stretch from Blackhall Rocks- accessible down some steps to the beach where it is possible to walk to Crimdon if you get the tides right still no dolphins, Steph particularly wanted to see them so she could tell her granddaughter about them. We did suggest that if we didn’t see any, she should tell her about the herds of unicorns that we encountered.

We met a few fellow walkers all of whom had previously seen dolphins, or Violet Crimdons resident seal. One elderly gentleman told us about his encounter with a walrus, we suspect that the walrus got bigger with every retelling. He was very knowledgeable about the area and told us that the meadowlands are left uncut till September or October to protect the wild life flora and fauna.

We got to Crimdon in record time, sat gazing at the sea while having a little snack Then we headed back, up and down all the denes back to Horden It was a good walk join us next time.

Sue Bartlett.