Classical Jukebox Rescheduled

CLASSICAL JUKEBOX XIX – Rescheduled to Monday 26th July at 4pm

Sorry folks! but the jukebox session will have to be put back a week from Monday July 19th to Monday 26th July.

We invite you to send in your musical requests and we will include them in our next session.

All we ask is that you introduce your request in the meeting (What it is , Who its by, Why it’s so special).

For each request we will find an appropriate YouTube clip to accompany the piece.

Please submit your requests to the following e-mail address ( against the following categories:

Classical / Show Tunes / Film Scores / Music from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s

We will include  a COVER CORNER This is where we invite you to suggest your favourite cover version of a song.

Meeting Details as follows:
Meeting Link:
Meeting ID: 827 8020 5616
Passcode: 107478