The Knicky Knack Knitters Visit Seaham Station.

Early last Sunday morning before most people had even risen from their beds a group of knicky knack knitters armed with bags and bags of knitted and crocheted items, arrived at Seaham station, the plan was to decorate the station and put a smile on peoples faces after the long dreary months of Covid-19 and lockdown.

The theme –  Trains and Flowers

As commuters stood on the platform watching with interest, the station was slowly transformed, passing trains revealed passengers smiling pointing and peering out of the windows trying to get a good look at what was going on.

It took nearly three hours but the results were well worth the effort, it was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed every minute of it. As people came and went it was obvious that it was a huge success, questions were asked about our u3a and lots of interest was shown.