Seaham & District On-line Book Club

Dear Members
To all you book lovers out there, Seaham & District u3a will be holding it’s first Book
Club on Zoom on Friday 23rd April 2021 at 1.30pm

We would love it if you could join in with the group and give us a brief description of a
book you have read and how it left an impression on you. I’m sure you have read lots of
books during lockdown.

We will take it in turns to give a brief description of a book you have read and discuss
why you like that particular author, we can discuss different genres of books from
thrillers, romances, novels murders, classics, autobiographies’, etc.
We intend to hold the meetings on a monthly basis, dates for the following meetings will
be put on the website for members to see in the very near future. An email will also be
sent out with dates.

Just log in on the details given below and hopefully we will see you on Friday 23rd April
at the Book Cub
Meeting ID: 814 7249 5701
Passcode: 639472