Maths Challenge Week Two

Maths Problems – Week Two

Question 1
If the cold tap alone would fill a bath in 20 minutes and the hot tap alone
would fill a bath in 30 minutes, how many minutes would it take to fill the bath
with both the cold and hot taps on?
Question 2
The six angles of two different triangles are listed in decreasing order. The list
starts with 115°, 85°, 75° and 35°. What is the last angle in the list?
Question 3
Eight pens cost £10 and some pence while eleven more cost £26 and some
pence. What is the cost of a pen?
Question 4
An octahedron is drawn by connecting the centres of the faces of a cube. What
is the ratio of the volume of the octahedron to that of the cube?

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Maths Problems Week Two

Answers out next Monday