Quiz Nine – Questions.

Easy Peasy Quiz 

submitted by Pamela Sharpe.

1. Which Artist is famous for a Painting of Sunflowers?

2. How many Islands are off the Northumberland Coast?

3. Paul Newman starred in a film where he ate Eggs..What was the Film called??and how Many Eggs did he eat?

4. Gruyere is a Cheese from Which Country?

5. Which Year did the Great British Bake Off First Appear on T.V?

6. I am Called thick when close to the ground but people smile when I am high..What am I?

7. Which Type of Dog has Breeds Called ..Scottish..Welsh..Irish?

8. Which typee of beans are used to make Bake Beans?

9. Which Famous Novel Featured , Jo..Meg..Beth..and Amy March?

10. In the Scottish Language what does it mean to Haver?

11. Which Sea Creature has Three Hearts?

12. What sort of vehicle is a Chopper?

13. Whose Face was said to have Launched a Thousand Ships?

14. Who Created Pooh Bear?

15. What is the National Game of New Zealand?

16. Complete Oueen Song:
“I see a little Silhouetto of a man Scaramouche Scaramouche will you do the ???”

17. Who went to School with a lamb?

18. What was soaked in Vinegar then Hung on a String?

19. Which Land Animal has the Greatest Range of Vision?

20. Name the Highest Mountain in New Zealand?

21. Which Friday Brings a lot of Happiness?

22. Which Birds are the Farne Islands most Famous for?

23. What is the Italian Word for Pie?

24. What is the Most Common Colour of Toilet Paper in France?

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