OLD MONEY. A quiz from Madeley & District U3A.

This is about old, indeed very old, Imperial Money (£.s d). Put in the amount next to each clue, then see if you can make it add up to £1651 13s 4½d
It helps if you are as old as the quiz-master! For the benefit of the younger generation there were 12 pence in a shilling and 20 shillings in a pound, with various sub-divisions and lots of slang terms for them.
1. The girl’s name drops for this answer
2. …..with her ancient bicycle
3. ….in a game she shoves her little sister who comes up to her waist
4. Sounds like an ailing sea creature….
5. ……or a singor (not spell-checked)
6. Robert is short
7. …..with another 9 namesakes.
8. Yank chips in half a dollar
9. Girl adds shortened underwear.
10. ….and 50% of it.
11. Cockney Lady Godiva….
12. ….with Ayrton Senna….
13. …and Bobby Moore
14. ..in royal headgear
15. ….on a small horse…..
16. …with a bullseye..,,
17. …..in confinement here. .
18. A monkey….
19. …a fowl….
20. …a silver baby roo….
21. …a man in leather….
22. ….and Rolf reverse in.
23. Here’s Dixon of Dock Green….
24. ….and the old biddy from Coronation Street….
25. ….in cinema graphic form
26. ….plus the score.
27. This is grand!
28. And finally, when it all doesn’t quite add up, what do Pluto, a Black Hole and an asteroid sound like? (Got it? No? OK, I’ll give you a clue: all three of these objects are a long, long way away)
Total £1651 13s 4½d
If you can’t get all of these, then give your current total, showing which you are short of. Nearest wins the quiz. Answers next week.



© Chris Wright Madeley & District U3A, Staffordshire

Answers out on Wednesday.