Wine Appreciation – Virtual Tasting

We will be hosting a virtual Wine Group Event on Saturday 25th April at 7pm all welcome.

Whoever wants to join in must provide their own glass/bottle/box/crate/cellar of wine and salty snacks (optional), have their microphone and video switched on and be willing to join in.

The meeting will be a mix of fun video clips, attendees will be asked explain to everyone what they are drinking (country, grape, attributes etc), we will hold two games of virtual Bingo (we will supply the prizes) and of course good humoured banter.

For the virtual Bingo, please e-mail and we will e-mail you back a bingo card in .PDF format for you to print off or copy.

The link to the event is as follows:

Meeting ID: 858 737 4197
Password: 4CBGuQ

See you all at 7pm.