Dundee And Floors Trip

DUNDEE AND FLOORS TRIPS Both these trips have been cancelled now.  There will be a refund for the Floors Trip but this will have to wait until we can hold a monthly meeting.  If you are urgently needing your refund then please let me know. Stay well and safe. Jan Continue reading

Book Club

The Book Club will be on the shelf for a while. A chance to read all those books lurking around the house . We can bring new recommendations when we meet again. If desperate to fill the time read or reread ” War and Peace” Keep well Kathryn Continue reading

Art Appreciation

Art Appreciation will be a still life for the foreseeable future. Please take the opportunity to look further into the works and movements of the 19th century and even move into the 20th century. We will be so well informed and cultured by the time we meet up again. Keep safe and let Art help … Continue reading

Litter Picks Cancelled

LITTER PICKERS In view of the government guidelines issued yesterday, I have taken the decision to cancel the litter picks until further notice. Hopefully we can restart them when it appears safe to do so. Take care of yourselves and I hope we can meet up soon. Maria Continue reading