Brian has asked me to send you this information regarding the Sausage and Cider Festival.

Please read it carefully.


The money for this will have to be paid at the February meeting. The cost is £10 + £1.10 booking fee. We will need this paid so that we can purchase tickets. Tickets are non-refundable.

Please try and have the correct money.

We don’t have a price for the coach as yet.

If you no longer wish to attend then please let Bryan know so he can take your name off the list.

Tickets start from just £10 (this is the price if tickets are purchased early)

The cost of admission is the fee for Entry only

  • How do I buy drinks and food?

All drinks can only be purchased via our drinks token system.

All drinks will be able to be purchased via these tokens

Food will be via cash or card.

Drinks tokens

All drinks will be only available to be purchased via drinks tokens.

These tokens are available online before the event and also on the day. There are better offers online with tokens, rewarding those people who purchase early with discounts – Please contact us if you do not have your drinks token email after you purchase your tickets. At our best online rate on tokens means a pint will be £3.85!!

  • How many tokens do drinks cost?

1 Token will work out to 1/2 a beer and a single mixer will be 2 tokens. At our best online rate on tokens means a pint will be £3.85!!

We will have a great range of ciders. We will also have a full bar that will host many different spirits such as Gin, Run, Vodka and also some Prosecco! Plus also some beers for those who would like that instead.