Garden Group Goes Into Hibernation.

After a very successful Spring and Summer the Garden group has gone into hibernation for the Autumn and winter months.

There were 20 enthusiastic gardeners at yesterdays lively meeting where the group discussed and dissected this year’s events in order to determine what had worked and what hadn’t. On the whole it was agreed that most people had enjoyed this year’s outings and preliminary plans were put into place for another exciting agenda next year.

The benefits of gardening were also discussed and these included stress relief, boosting self-esteem, sense of accomplishment, being in the moment, keeps you fit, reduced risk of dementia, exposure to vitamin D, burns calories, and that is just a few, the benefits are many and varied as are taking part in group gardening activities.

The morning was concluded with a quiz where everyone had the opportunity to astound with their extensive gardening knowledge. The winning team (Jennie, Mary and Carol) scored a staggering 15/20 and each won a box of sweets 😃

The Garden Group will return next April and the first event will be a visit to Harrogate Spring Flower Show and this will take place on Friday 24th April.

Here is a look back on this year’s events….

The group began the year in April and met to plant up quirky containers..

planting up quirky containers

Just a sample of the places visited.

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Himalayan Gardens
Breezy Knees Gardens
Lanchester Garden Centre.
Burnby Hall Gardens