Patchwork Group

The Patchwork and Embroidery Group have been busy with a sewing project. Each year we try and do some sewing for charity.
This year we have made ‘Bonding Hearts’ and ‘Chemo Port Cushions’. These will be used by local hospitals and at hospitals throughout the country, wherever they are needed.
A big thank you to all members of this group for their contribution.
Group Leader  – Sheila Merchant.
45 pairs of Bonding Hearts and 55 Chemo Port Pillows were made…..

A portacath is a small port placed beneath the skin so that cancer patients can get their chemotherapy. … A Port Pillow attaches onto the seat belt to protect the port from being irritated.


Bonding hearts are made for families of preemie babies to enable them to create a bond even when they cannot hold or be near their new addition. Mum wears one heart next to her skin and the other one is placed next to the baby to transfer their smell onto them, then they are swapped over regularly.