Chairs Update

Hello everyone,

Just want to let you know of a few things that are happening with our U3A. As you all know a new committee began in April with our first meeting being in May. This meeting was very important as we got together to organise who would take on what roles.

The Speakers & Entertainment notelet that you should all have tells you the roles of some members. However we now have the following:

Linda Solaiman – looks after our website, makes posts and keeps everything up to date. If you need to post anything or make changes to a group diary or event then please email Linda at

Garry Parker – is looking after the presentation of what’s on and the diary at our monthly meetings.

Val Hickes – in now our Group Co Ordinator and Val will be the conduit of information for the groups between them and the committee.

Alyson Howell – is our Speaker Secretary. This is not an easy role to undertake but Alyson has managed to complete all our speakers for 2020 and is busy working on 2021. If you have a speaker that you can recommend then please contact me and I will let Alyson know. Alyson is also our assistant membership secretary.

I would like to thank the committee for stepping up and assisting in the work of the committee when asked. For me it has been very encouraging to have such a committee who are willing to pitch in and help. Thank you all.

Seaham Harbour/Houghton U3A – we are now networking, on a casual basis, with both these U3A’s. This is mainly for any trips that we run where we might have spare spaces. We have invited both groups to our coffee morning as well.

If you are a newish member and need some help then please look for anyone who has a lanyard on. These are usually committe members or buddies. They will be able to help you.

We have a great U3A and we are looking forward to continuing with the spirit of our club.

See you all at the next meeting. If you need to contact me then my details are below. I am very happy to talk to members.

Kind regards



Tel: 0191 5849784

Mobile 07564522037