Letter from Chair

Hello everyone,

Thank you for coming to the AGM in April. This was an important meeting when your new committee was elected and I was elected

Chair.  I said at the meeting that I would do my best to look after our U3A and follow on the good work that the previous committee had done.

I will just tell you a little about myself.  I came to live in Sunderland (from Surrey where i was born), in 1971, a place I knew well as both my parents

came from Sunderland.  I have lived here ever since and I love the North East. The people, the countryside and the fact that the people are strong no matter what is thrown at them.

At our next meeting in May you will receive a notelet that will give you information about the speakers for the monthly meetings and

also the names and positions of the new committee.  I do want to reiterate that the committee are the voice for the members and to this

end I would like encourage you to let us know if there is something you want to discuss.  I have included my details in this email

so please contact me if there is anything you need to know or want help with.


Looking forward to seeing you at the next meeting.


Kind regards



Jan Leach 
Tel: 0191 584 9784 (Answerphone on this number, leave a message and I will get back to you)
Mobile: 0756 452 2037

Email: janice472000@outlook.com