Annual Subscriptions

Please be aware that Seaham & District U3A annual subscription of £20.00p per member (£14.00 for those with dual membership) is due to be paid by April 2018.

However, payments will be accepted from the February members meeting which is on Wednesday 28th February 2018.

Cheques will be accepted and no need to think about who to make the cheque payable to as we have a stamp of our U3A name available to use.

However, old paper £10 notes will not be accepted. These are no longer legal tender from 1st March, so please be sure to take any you have to the bank now to get them changed into the new plastic note.

Dates of the members meetings where subscriptions can be paid:

Wednesday 28th February  or Wednesday 28th March  Last chance Wednesday 25th April.

If you are unable to attend any of these meetings but want to pay your subscription, please try to give the money to a friend who

will be attending one of the meetings so they can pay it for you.