I.T. Drop In Group

Following their first meeting, Jan Leach wrote the following review:

The first I.T. drop in group was held on 5th July.  We had 8 people attending, some of whom were assisting. Thank you Val.

It was a good session and people went away having learnt how to use their Ipads a bit more.  Some wanted a

meeting every week.

Everyone is looking forward to the next meeting. This will be on Tuesday 1st August at the Crows Nest @ 1.30pm. We will be joining the IT group from Seaham Harbour and this will mean that there will be a greater pool of knowledge.

Look forward to seeing all who want to come.  If you have any questions then please email (janice472000@outlook.com)

or ring me on 0191 584 9784 or 07564522037.