Members Meeting 27.07.16

Another great meeting with excellent speakers. Today we had three ladies – one a current magistrate and the other two being retired magistrates. They started with an exercise which included participation from our members who had to decide from given offences which ones were more or less serious than the offence of ‘selling drugs’. This was followed by an explanation of what the starting point would be for the sentencing of each of the offences – some quite surprising.

Next, one of the retired magistrates talked about her work in the Victim Support Unit. As the name suggests, volunteers support witnesses who are called to give evidence in court, providing both practical and emotional support. A very interesting insight into what witnesses go through before and during their court experience.

The last speaker, another retired magistrate spoke of her work with the Fostering and Adoption Services. She explained the different stages prospective adopters go through – training, interview, meeting the children and then the celebration to finalise the adoption.

Very interesting talks by all three, which ended with an offer of a possible visit for some of our members to go to the police Armed Response Unit. Will keep you all informed of the details, if we are lucky enough to get this visit arranged.