The Pickering 1940s Wartime Weekend

Why not join us for a fantastic day out in Pickering for the 1940s Wartime Weekend? The trip is open to all members and will take place on Saturday 15th October 2016. The cost will be £14.50p which covers the cost of the return journey to Pickering by bus and also includes the tip!

Anyone interested in joining us for this event please contact:

Edna Butler by email at or telephone on 0191 526 4083

Pickering War weekend is an event based around North York Railways. You can take an authentic steam train journey from Pickering to Heartbeat country and each station represents part of the War experiences. The steam train departs regularly from Levisham (or Le Visham as it is called for the weekend – where a French village occupied by German troops is recreated. You can go onto the station and there are areas where old clothes of the era are sold.

Pickering itself provides Music /Street Dancing/ Singing as in the Vera Lynn era and lots of people get dressed up in uniforms/Pimps/Scarlet women/ Mam’s pushing prams/Dad’s Army and lots more. There is a great atmosphere and a parade goes through the streets at approx 10.30 am.

Whether you visit in period dress or just as a sightseer, the Pickering 1940s wartime weekend is an event to be experienced !

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