Members Meeting 28th October 2015

The weather today was not too good, however, there was still a good attendance by members at the meeting. Again we welcomed more new members – our numbers keep rising every month.

The speaker today was Ethney Brown from the Guide Dog Association who spoke enthusiatically for almost an hour, answering several questions from the floor. Ethney is actually a puppy trainer and she explained about the age the puppies start their ‘potty training’ and talked about all the training methods that are universally used. She also told of how they match the dogs personality to their owners. It was clear to see how dedicated and passionate she is about her training.

The cost to train a puppy to the level of becomming an acceptable guide dog is £55,000. However, the cost to partially sighted people to purchase a fully trained guide dog is only 50p and then any medical treatment needed by the dog is paid for by the association so all donations are welcomed.

A collection made at the meeting today raised £49.01p. Ethney was delighted. A big thank you to all who donated.