Social and Travel Club

North York Railways – War Weekend Celebrations Saturday 14th October 2017


Come and join our day out to visit Pickering for this event.
We journey to Pickering early morning in time to see the parade of marching forces, land army, vintage cars and assorted vehicles of the war time era. Enjoy the atmosphere and dancing in the streets and the costume clad locals and visitors.

Mid afternoon we leave Pickering and its celebrations and journey to Whitby for a couple of hours where we can enjoy the local fish and chips, take a boat ride or just a stroll around the picturesque sights.
The cost of the trip is £15 .————-Full Payment due on booking.
Money will be taken August and September meetings only.
Will those people on the INTERESTED list now please confirm that they will be still be going..
Thank you ..
Joan and Edna.