Members Meeting Held On 31.05.17

The members meeting held on 31.05.17 was, yet again, a roaring success. Thanks to all involved.
The speaker was Malcolm Wilkinson who is a volunteer at Durham Cathedral as well as being the chairperson of Seaham Harbour U3A.
He gave an excellent talk about Durham Cathedral which was both interesting and informative. He showed some wonderful slides – some aerial views and others showing places that are not usually accessible to visitors. He even had a slide showing the ’empty’ cathedral, that is, where the pews had been removed for the filming that took place there recently. Not something you will see very often!
A collection was made by the members which raised £53.20p which, along with the fee paid to Malcolm, will be donated to the cathedral funds. Thanks to everyone for being so generous.
We also had visit from Elizabeth Porter who is the Regional Trustee for the Northern region.
She has not been long in her post and was visiting our U3A to introduce herself.
She explained her role and her ideas for the future of the northern area.
Sounds like some exciting times in the next few years.
At the end of the meeting she said that she had enjoyed her visit and that there was a lovely atmosphere within the room. She was well impressed.