April’s Meeting

Today’s meeting included our first Annual General Meeting – and what a great meeting we had! It started with the Chairman and the Treasurer each giving their annual report, the new committee for the year 2016/2017 were introduced to the members and then there was the opportunity for everyone to ask questions.

With the business of the day completed we then had a fantastic speaker, John Yearnshire who gave a very interesting talk on forensics. John, a retired police officer talked about DNA and fingerprinting techniques used by the police to identify suspects and how identification between identical twins can cause problems. He then spoke about crime scene evidence and how important it is for the police to photograph and video everything at the scene which can then be used as evidence. He then went on to show how forensic evidence was used in the Soham murders in 2002 and the Great Train Robbery of 1963 to identify, charge and then convict those who were guilty of committing these crimes.

Everyone enjoyed the talk and John really enjoyed meeting some of our members – even commenting on what a lovely venue we use. Our next meeting on 25th May has Ron Lawson speaking on the subject of “Old Pubs in Seaham and Their History”. Should be another great meeting.