Maxim Brewery Visit – 11/11/2015

Proof that we can organise a visit to a brewery!

Double Maxim was first brewed in 1901 and was initially called Maxim Ale. It was created to celebrate the return of the Maxim Gun detachment commanded by Major Ernest Vaux during the Boer War.

Soon after its launch Maxim Ale was reduced in strength following complaints from landlords that their customers kept falling asleep!

However in 1938 the Maxim ale was increased in strength and renamed Double Maxim.

This is the only original brown ale still brewed in the North East.

Following the closure of the Vaux Brewery, Sunderland and Wards Brewery, Sheffield in 1999, the Double Maxim Brewery Beer Company Ltd was established the following year by ex Vaux and Wards employees.

The 20Bl brewery was previously the Cannongate Brewery and was located on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. This was S&N’s pilot brew house built to very high specification and is probably the best equipment of its size anywhere in the UK.

Cask beers regularly available are Samson, Double Maxim, Wards Best Bitter, Lambton’s Maximus, and the famous Swedish Blonde (one of my favourites!).

Seasonal ales are regularly produced for example Delilah, Stiff Tackle IPA, Boxing Hare and Spring Chocolate Ale.

this was a most enjoyable and informative visit, the buffet and a chance to sample the ales rounded the evening off brilliantly.


A link to the brewery website can be found here: Maxim Brewery

Photographs of the evening can be found here: Photographs